2018 New member!

When the clock ticks 6,
let us go back home!

At Rainmaker Inc., we value and support your private life
by ending the work-day exactly at 6PM.

The reason we don’t implement overtime is because we mainly manage our own corporate group websites.
We have neither impossible deadlines nor urgent tasks.

We will postpone deadlines rather than ask for overtime.
Our work-day ends at 6. What are your plans for the evening?


The website we manage brings together professional attorneys and people caught up in legal troubles. Being able to provide relief for their worries, we have received many letters of gratitude from satisfied customers. Hearing them describing how our website helped them easily find an attorney and a peace of mind for their worries will allow you to actually make a difference in people’s lives.


Members of our staff excel in different skills: web design, programming, search engine optimization etc. By working, training, and instructing together, we cultivate a rich environment for branching out and acquiring new experience.


Besides Rainmaker Inc., our Company Director also leads a Law Office with 10 branch offices throughout Japan. It is our job to provide marketing know-how and IT solutions for them. Being the bread-and-butter of our services, this allows us to work with precision and care, without having to hurry or tackle sudden workload fluctuations.


Because our work-space is stable, we have the opportunity to tackle new challenges. Creating experimental tools for web marketing through LINE, SNS applications and wearables, we strive to be on the leading edge of the technology of tomorrow.


Feel free to drink tea or coffee whenever you feel like it. Quench your hunger through free use of cold/hot water tap, microwave oven and refrigerator.
You can freely relax at the soundproof cubicle, use your computer to browse the web during lunch break or after work. You can even do exercise on a bike trainer.


We have a policy of ending every work-day no later than 6PM. From our office it takes only 4 minutes to Omotesando, 6 minutes to Ginza and 5 minutes to Azabuzujuban on the subway. In addition, we support your private life by giving you weekends off, having no work on national holidays and being flexible with paid leave. We want you to be able to fully relax and enjoy your private time.


“I like working, but I’d also like
to have evenings and weekends off”

People like you are welcome at Rainmaker Inc.,
where we have no overtime and no work on weekends.
Our work-day ends at 6.
What are your plans for the evening?