Good to Great
Making good businesses greater

We use IT to bring together potential providers and consumers by matching supply and demand.
We bring the “blessed rain”. That is our mission.


By bringing together scattered supply and potential demand, we can aid both.

Rainmaker Inc. is a private company whose mission is matching supply and demand, potential providers and consumers via IT solutions, bringing the “blessed rain” to both.” We aim to turn nothing into something, ordinary to good, good into great. Bringing the “blessed rain” by matching supply with demand is our guiding North Star. Until we reach that bright light, we will keep challenging ourselves through trial and error, working towards our goal with commitment and persistence.

Takeshi Okano


Demand mining marketing system

The goal of marketing is to identify and correct mismatched supply and demand, bringing balance to trade. In order for that to happen, the perceived demand will have to be based on the actual demand. Being confident in our abilities to mine out the actual demand on the market, we have adopted a 0 yen success fee policy for your first demand mining request.

Modern (and optimized) development environment and curious staff

Here at Rainmaker Inc., we have managed to develop one-of-a-kind web marketing system and establish a modern and optimized development environment that allows us to provide our clients with excellent results. Our staff is curious and innovative, constantly exchanging ideas over improvements and newer methods.


Company name Rainmaker Inc.
Company director Takeshi Okano
Number of staff 10
Location Tokyo, Chiyoda, Nagata-cho 1-11-28
Gojinsha Tokyo Nagatacho Building 7th floor
Phone number 03-6206-6536
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